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The 3 Biggest Health Issues Facing Women Today

According to a research, women these days are becoming slipshod about their health and taking perilous risks, like overburdening themselves with work, eating poorly and social responsibilities. Did you know such a jam-packed routine, bad lifestyle habits and lazy health regimen can catch up with you and harm your body in a big way? Well, definitely it can! Here are the 3 biggest health issues facing women today:

1. Stress: Stress overload: severe fatigue, insomnia and extreme anxiety is increasing amongst young women these days. This is mainly due to exalted adrenaline levels and also from being unable to shut off their brain at night. Women also tend to worry more than men and plus an onrush of e-mail, instant messages and cell phones at work make them completely debilitated. In addition to this managing home affairs, family and children at the same time makes it all the more difficult for them. They might feel over worked, over burdened and therefore over stressed. This in turn affects their mental as well as physical health to a great deal.

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2. Heart Disease: In women, this condition is responsible for approximately 30% of deaths. The major factors for this growing percentage include overweight and obesity, high cholesterol, physical inactivity, smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and poor diet. Their are many women dying of chronic heart diseases these days in their early 60′s. The earlier ladies adapted healthier behaviours and therefore had lower risk of stroke outcomes or heart diseases. But today, the scenario is totally different. It’s a women’s world and they are no less than men. But when it comes to their health, most of them do not pay attention and avoid it completely. The outcome is horrendous!

3. Depression: Women these days are more likely to suffer from depression as they find it harder to maintain a good family and work life balance. According to National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 12 million women are affected by depression every year. A stressful life is the major cause of developing a depressive disorder. So is it worth the risk? Well, it is definitely not!

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Instead of blaming the changing lifestyle or ever increasing work pressure, women should try to avoid any perverse health concern and become a little more cautious about their health. They must also consult their doctor on a regular basis to prevent any major health issues and modify their lifestyle to include a regular exercise regime and a well balanced diet.